Setting the Captive Free

Is your faith held prisoner in Satans fortress? Are you unsure of what the Christian faith is really all about? Do you have a desire to please God but seem to fall short of your expectations over and over again? In this video Bible teaching Apostle Eric instructs the church how the just live by faith to mirror the image of Christ to meet Gods expectations perfectly. <br />

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Satans culture has overshadowed the world. Can you recognize it? Point of discernment: If Satan is justifying your perspective of life he is the justifier of that perspective. In other words, he is corrupting your thinking and keeping your soul void of the grace of God and keeping you vexed. <br />
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Are you in a religion that does not reflect the record of Jesus Christ? Point of discernment: Satan wants to ruin the soul of man so God will pour out His wrath upon those who reject Him. Satan is using himself as the oath and a record for all those who would stand against God. His Great Rebellion gave birth to the Age of the Impious. There is only a short time before Christ comes back to establish his reign upon this earth. I hope you will join us in part two of Apostle Erics October 10, 2008 radio broadcast. God is taking away Satans power and giving light back to the church.

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