Free Holy Rap Album E Pluribus Unum

DJ Digital Josh - E Pluribus Unum

Track List:

01. The Missing Element (ft. Corey The Battle & Wes Runyon)

02. Where U At (ft. J.Robinson)

03. Robo (ft. JCP)

04. We Don't Play Around (ft. DKUN FROST & J.Robinson)

05. The Answer You Need (ft. SURV')

06. Just Knock (ft. Penpal)

07. Shake The Devil Off (ft. J Fusion)

08. I Can't Take It (ft. Mr. J-Style)

09. I Need You (ft. Brother D)

10. Jay Quest - Can't Stop (ft. Heffminster de la Roca) (DJ Digital Josh Remix)

11. DJ Digital Josh - Evil

12. Stay Low (ft. Ferb)

13. Let You Know (ft. G-O-D Soulja 7)

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