To Our Military: We Thank You - (Original Acoustic Song)

To Our Military: We Thank You - (Original Acoustic Song)

This song goes out to our Armed Forces around the world! Pass it on to U.S. Military and their families!

"We Thank You" - written by Joe Monto (2007)

Verse 1:

He looks into her eyes

She puts her hope in his return

How hard it must be for them

Uncertain war approachin'

She starts to cry

He gets on the plane, and waves goodbye

Verse 2:

It's been her life long dream

To proudly serve as a Marine

She writes her son a letter from Baghdad

Wishing mommy was home holding him

But she's got a job to do

She's committed to see it through


Thank you, for your sacrifice

The freedom that you bring

Thank you, for laying down your life

And giving everything

For me, for my family

We thank you

Verse 3:

There's a knock at the door

It's the worst of their fears

Their son's been killed in Irag

Another casualty of combat

He wouldn't want them to cry

For our country he died (to chorus)


To our troops around the world

Brave men and woman fighting for us

We wave red, white and blue

Our prayers go out to you (to chorus)