Ben 10: Alien Force Reclusion Dedicated to Terrajl

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That's for legality, eat it Viscom!

This is a Ben Alien Force vid Kevin's POV during "All That Glitters". It's Gwevin if you think about it. Kevin sees through Michael's good guy act before Ben and Gwen do.

I finally got all the kinks worked out of my editing process and now this is my most PERFECT video yet. It's better than "Iris" and "Broken" combined! Dedicated to Terrajl. Hope you like it!

Song: Reclusion

Artist: Anberlin

This has to be the creepiest Ben 10: Alien Force video to date. If anyone can come up with tributes to "All That Glitters" that can be any creepier, post them as a response to this video. I mean, this song is about a serial killer who strangles his lovers. How much creepier can you get?

I'm gonna take s little break from doing Ben 10: Alien Force videos until after "What Are Little Girls Made of?" is aired. I'm gonna do some Final Fantasy and Trigun vids for a little while. 'Til my next Ben 10 Vid is up people, LOVE AND PEACE!

Disclaimer: The rights to the song and clips belong to their respective owners. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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