mamamialove..acting and pantomiming on the altar

Someone I didn't even know cried and filmed this...He said he seemed to be transported back in many said the same thing...oh what a divine gift..what a miracle..perhaps you can see something in the picture too...I was acting/pantomiming with no music...just the pureness of scripture some sunday in the was the most moving thing i have ever done on the altar. I felt transfixed...i felt like i was back in the time of Christ..and i was that all seriousness now..looking back...we need to keep running into his chamber and worshipping at his feet with our hair and with the oil of the Holy Spirit...and the truth of who He is...with all our hearts minds souls and strength...for He loves us dear ones...someone loves us with an everlasting love...rnBless you..allrnmamamialove

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