Poem Video "GENERATION X" Written By Timothy Jon Barrett

The wake-up call has already been sounded in the wake of the Columbine, Paduka and other school shootings that have happened in recent days. Those of the world seek worldly solutions to these problems but we that are born of God must seek Godly solutions to them. Our worldly system has taken prayer out of school, condone teen abortions, promote safe $%@ teachings and freely allow porn to float unopposed on the internet for those young eyes and then scratch their heads and wonder why our children do what they do.Though we Christians can not control what the world decides to do, we can control what our children do and how we raise them. We need to get our houses in order and claim back those young lives that Satan has quietly stolen over the years. We parents will be held responsible for those young souls before the throne of God and we're running out of time to do anything about it.. Time to get busy Parents.

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