Couple with Down Syndrome Share Their Inspiring Story

Couple with Down Syndrome Share Their Inspiring Story

A couple with Down Syndrome share their inspiring story of turning their disability into stunning abilities. Chris González and model Sofía Jirau launched a campaign called Sin Límites, which translates to Without Limits in English. 

The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about the Down syndrome community and showing the world what they can achieve. Not only are they raising awareness about all the things individuals can do despite having Down Syndrome, Chris is the first individual with Down Syndrome in his community in Puerto Rico to get a driver’s license. 

And what’s more, he has his own business–a food truck! He also has his own coffee brand too because apparently, Chris is also a trained Barista. There are absolutely no limits to what this young man can do. It’s just incredible! 

Chris’ father Eugene says he is in awe of his son. He knows his son will sometimes fail but it’s the fact that he keeps trying until he does succeed. 

The same goes for Chris’ girlfriend Sofia who is defying limits too. She made history as a Victoria’s Secret model. And she even walked the runway during New York’s fashion week and she is working on her own fashion line! 

Sofia says she loves the camera and she loves fashion and she recently signed a deal with L'Oreal. In order to stay in shape as a model and business woman, Sofia goes to the gym five days a week! Talk about dedication to her career. 

Her mother says Sofia has been the biggest blessing in her life and is in awe of her everyday as she defy’s the world’s expectations about individuals with Down Syndrome. 

What an incredible story! We hope this power couple inspires you to be who God created you to be and to achieve the dreams God placed in your heart too. With God on our side, there are no limits to what we can do. Like Chris and Sofia, we can dream big without limits! 

Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

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