Shy Singer Stuns The Judges With Big Opera Voice

Shy Singer Stuns The Judges With Big Opera Voice

Prepare to be amazed by this performance. In this video, a shy singer stuns the judges with a big opera voice.

At the start of the clip, a man named Maxwell Thorpe introduces himself to the judges. He appears very bashful. Maxwell sings in the streets to people for a living. He is asked if this is the biggest audience he has ever performed for, and he responds “yes.” With his family and friends in the audience cheering him on, Maxwell begins. 

Maxwell starts to sing, and his voice is so rich and powerful. The judges' faces are in pure shock. His skills are incredible. He has selected the song 'Caruso’ by Luciano Pavarotti. He takes you to a new world with his powerhouse vocals and his fullness of sound. 

The crowd cannot stop cheering and standing during the performance. Simon looks amazed. At the end of the song, everyone, including the judges, stand cheering. 

Maxwell is complimented on his amazing passion and voice. The judges share how they were shocked by his shyness and then such a confident performance. They tell him that they believe he is heading for the big time. They tell Maxwell that he is headed for bigger places than the sidewalk. 

I love how Maxwell completely wows us. He is an unexpected surprise. It was almost like being at a professional opera concert like Andrea Bocelli. Maxwell shows the kind of gift that can truly only come from God. 

The Lord gives good gifts and special skills so that His name will be glorified. It is hard not to worship the Lord when you hear the power of this incredible voice. 

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

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