'Mamas' Anne Wilson And Hillary Scott Official Music Video

'Mamas' Anne Wilson And Hillary Scott Official Music Video

Get your tissues ready when you watch this touching music video of the song ‘Mamas’ by Anne Wilson and featuring Hillary Scott.

“For the open arms to fall into, for the when you don’t know what to do
For the phone call sayin’ don’t forget, I’m always in your corner
For the heart that makes a house a home, for the knowing that you’re not alone
For the darling don’t you dare give up, even when you wanna
Yeah, that’s why God made mamas”

What a special and heartwarming song! The first shot of the music video is of a woman giving birth and a baby opening their eyes to see their mama for the first time. Then Anne is seen singing the wonderful song to her own mother. There are also shots of moms and their children throughout the video -- from a woman holding her baby, to a mother teaching her daughter how to drive, to a mom praying on her knees beside her daughter – the whole video is so emotional and heartwarming! It will definitely bring a tear to your eye!

“Thank y'all for watching!” Anne Wilson writes on YouTube. “This video is a love letter to all our Mamas and an anthem for the people who love them wholly. No matter what kind of Mama you are, y’all are doing the Lord’s work!”

Hillary Scott, a singer in the country group Lady A, is also featured in this song. She is seen in the music video with her daughters Eisele Kaye, 8, and twins Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn, 4, playing at a park.

"Out of all the names I answer to, hearing 'Mama' (even what feels like 10,000 times a day most days…anybody else??) makes my heart leap EVERY time—whether it's in joy and curiosity after just discovering something new to show me, or when I know tears are going to follow because of pain, confusion or frustration and they need comfort," Hillary wrote in an Instagram post.

She continued, "When @annewilsonmusic asked me to sing alongside her on this song, it was an absolute yes! She's got country roots and a precious soul. Anne, thank you for giving me the gift of singing words that feel SO present for me in our house with my three little girls."

What a beautiful and moving song! We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Mama’ by Anne Wilson today.

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