Cat Swipes Rug When Human Didn't Let Him Into Bathroom

Cat Swipes Rug When Human Didn't Let Him Into Bathroom

Watch this cat swipe this rug when his human didn’t bring him into the bathroom with her — that cat sure showed her!

Because they seem to live by a set of their own rules, cats can definitely be mischievous troublemakers. If you own a cat, no you don’t. The cat owns you. They decide what items can stay on counters and tables. And apparently, they decide when you can and can’t use the restroom.

Maybe you can always use the restroom under one condition: the cat comes with you. Some felines don’t care about interaction with people, but some do. When they want that interaction or affection, they demand it. Don’t you DARE go somewhere without your needy cat.

This proud pet parent named Maddie shared a video on her TikTok account of what exactly happens when she decides to leave her cat out of something — even if that ‘something’ is just going to the bathroom.

In the clip, the shower rug looks shoved under the door until Maddie pulls it back. Then, all of a sudden, a little black and white paw swipes under the door. Uh oh. I bet she even told him that she would never leave him in the hall again!

Over the video, she wrote, “Theo gets really upset if I don't bring him in the bathroom with me.” CLEARLY, Theo just wants to be included. Like the devious cat he is, he gets his revenge.

Theo swipes under the door again with his entire leg and snatches the rug. After readjusting, he successfully pulls the rug all the way out. I imagine him saying, “No rug for you, human!”

You can hear Maddie laughing and wheezing in the background. Obviously, she’s not offended by Theo’s payback. I bet she just adores her goofy, needy cat! We adore him too and can never get enough silly animal content!

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