School Choir Shares Powerful Anti-Bullying Message During BGT Audition

School Choir Shares Powerful Anti-Bullying Message During BGT Audition

It is always inspiring to hear young people standing up for a good cause. In this video, a school choir shares a powerful anti-bullying message during their BGT audition.

In the beginning of this audition, four young people with microphones come out saying hi. They are absolutely precious. Simon says that he has a secret to share with the other judges, and the little boy humorously says into the microphone, “He came to our school.” 

Simon goes on to share that their chorus director Danny sent in information about them, and Simon showed up to tell them that they would be auditioning for the show.  

The director shares that the students are all of different confidence levels, and the group is excited to have the experience. You can see the bright smiles on the faces of the children. 

The group is called Class Dynamic, and they range from ages 9-11. The kids begin with an almost hip hop/choir song. They sing and dance while telling the message about bullying not being ok and that they should not look the other way. Then, they declare that they are standing together and bullying does not belong. 

As they chant out “B-U-Double L- Y- I-N-G,” they are literally taking a stand against it. At the end of their performance, they strike a pose, and all of the judges and the audience stands. Some of the kids shed tears. 

The judges say that the song was brilliant and that they are sharing a very important message. They encourage them that they are a unique choir, and this is one of the best. The kids' choir says, “thank you.” At every “yes,” the group celebrates together. 

It is precious. Everyone cheers at this victorious moment. 

God approves of the anti-bullying message. He tells us not to bully others either, he says to love our neighbors and to even pray for our enemies. 

I love how these kids are approaching bullying in a positive way to make a difference. 

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:44

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