'Milk And Honey' Crowder Live Performance

'Milk And Honey' Crowder Live Performance

Check out this live performance from Crowder of his song ‘Milk And Honey.’

“I’m headed to a place where the rivers flow, I’m headed to a place where the streets are gold
Oh my soul, this I know, you won’t need no money, you can’t bring your fame
Soon the day is coming when we will see His face, choirs will be singing, saints on bended knee
Angels will be dancing, we will all be free, God in all His glory as far as you can see
It’s like every day is Sunday in the land of milk and honey”

What a powerful song! And the title of this song is also the same as Crowder’s new album. The album's title, Milk and Honey, refers to the promised land in the Old Testament. The promised land is described in Exodus chapter 3 verse 8 as "a land flowing with milk and honey."

Crowder wrote the songs for this new album while he was at home during the pandemic, and he shares about how the collection of songs were a surprise to those around him.

“Nobody knew what I was up to,” Crowder said. “Normally you can kind of be doing the songs live and working through them and they develop [on the road]. By the time you’re done with it, most of your close peers have heard them. [So, Milk & Honey] was a surprise for everybody.”

And when creating the album, Crowder shared about the two words that inspired him throughout the whole process. “The two words that were in my head this whole album process were harmony and unison,” Crowder said. “And I love that those are musical terms because it looks like that’s what we could use a lot more of.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Milk And Honey’ by Crowder today!

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