Blind Singer Performs Heart-Tugging Song 'Brighter Days'

Blind Singer Performs Heart-Tugging Song 'Brighter Days'

Check out this new heart-tugging song called ‘Brighter Days’ by the blind singer known as Blessing Offor.

“I know there’s gonna be some brighter days, I swear that love will find you in your pain
I feel it in me like the beating of life in my veins, I know there’s gonna be some brighter days
I know there’s gonna be some brighter days, oh, ashes fall from burning dreams
Oh, never lived through times like these, oh, if you’re trying hard to breathe in the dark
In the dark, oh, if your screams don’t make a sound, oh, if your walls are crashing down
Oh, if your heart just cries too loud all the time, all time, whoa”

What a beautiful song about hope and optimism in the midst of difficult times. And Blessing’s wonderful voice and piano playing carry the song all the way through, leaving the listener wanting more of the heartfelt music.

“Absolutely my favorite song right now. Cannot stop listening to it. Just wow,” comments one person on YouTube. “Get ready world because this amazing, incredible musician is going to take the world by storm. Huge things God has in store for him! Thanking God for such a powerful song and artist with such a beautiful story.”

“Even though he may be blind, he sees brighter days. Such a blessing. Amazing and uplifting song!” writes another person online after watching the music video.

Blessing shares about his music and how he hopes the message of his song resonates with others. “I’ve really been looking forward to sharing my songs with everyone,” he says. “Every one of them feels like I’m sharing a part of myself for people to relate to. That’s what ‘Brighter Days’ is about—the idea that we all experience dark days, but it’s those days that make the brighter ones worth waiting for.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Brighter Days’ today!

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