Andrea Bocelli And 2 Children Sing 'The Greatest Gift' Christmas Song

Andrea Bocelli And 2 Children Sing 'The Greatest Gift' Christmas Song

In a castle far, far away, nestled in snow-covered woods, is Andrea Bocelli and his two children who sing ‘The Greatest Gift’ Christmas song. 

It is absolutely magical and delivers the meaning of the Christmas season. The enchanting scene and glorious voices singing about how angels sing of the one most high will truly bring in the spirit of Christmas. 

This spectacular video was filmed in Castel Savoia, Gressoney - Valle D’Aosta – Italy, and gives away to the wonder of Christmas. But what captivates anyone who hears this performance is the trio, Andrea and his children Matteo and Virginia, who sing a three-part harmony that swells with the accompaniment of a choir and string orchestra. 

It gives way to a magical scene of ballet dancers dressed in angel-lit wings with snow falling softly all around.

What I love most is how they sing about the gift of peace and love in this season as we gather our own friends and family. They sing of gratitude to our heavenly Father for the gift and sacrifice of His son. 

Indeed, “Hallelujah from above.” May this Christmas season usher in the wonderful and utterly mysterious gift of Christ’s birth. May this performance lay to rest the struggles you wrestle with. There is nothing like setting aside the activities of daily life in order to pick up our Bibles and remember why we were given God’s breath of life in order to glorify his name. 

Christmas isn’t about gifts or a paid holiday off. It’s about the day our savior was born thousands of years ago, who would take our sins and give us the ultimate gift. In that–we are all stripped of differences and gathered together as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. 

“And suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!’” Luke 2:13-14

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