Liquor Store Worker Gives Homeless Man Her Shoes, Gets Surprising Reward Back

Showing kindness to another person does not require a ton of money or a special position. Instead, the only things necessary are a caring heart and a willingness to help. That is exactly what one woman in Minnesota has who helped someone going through hard times.

As anyone living or who has lived in the Midwest knows, winters can be harsh. Winters in the Midwest normally consist of snow, ice, blustery winds and, at times, even below-zero temperatures. With that knowledge and a loving heart, a liquor store worker, Ta Leia Thomas, who goes by Ace, literally gave the shoes off her feet to a homeless man.

In early December, the store’s camera captured a homeless man who walked into the store looking for cardboard boxes to help protect his feet from the Minnesota cold. Instead of letting the man deal with the cold conditions without shoes, Ta Leia took her shoes off and handed them to the man, according to the store's Facebook page.

However, those were not just any shoes that Ta Leia handed over without giving them a second thought. They were “her favorite pair of purple Nike Air Jordans,” the post states. 

“I didn’t care about the shoes. I cared about him. So, you know, he didn’t know me. I didn’t know him. I just thought it was best to give him, give him something he may need,” Ta Leia told Kare 11 News.

But that is not where this terrific story ends!

Soon after learning about Ta Leia’s selfless act, the designer of the shoes sent her a brand-new pair of purple custom 7s, the exact shoes she gave to the homeless man.

“Ace I want to thank you again for being awesome. We hear so much bad in this world these days that and you are a great reminder that there’s still so much out there,” the shoe’s designer posted on Instagram.

But that wasn’t all! 

The Minnesota Vikings, Ta Leia’s favorite team, also heard about her kind act. 

The team provided her with tickets to a game and with cleats autographed and worn by the team’s star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, Kare 11 reported

“I didn't think it was gonna get as big as it is, but I just want to show the world that there are still good-hearted, kind-hearted people out in the world,” she told the station. 

Luke 14:12 “And he said to the master of the house, ‘When you give a feast, do not send for your friends and your brothers and your family or your neighbors who have wealth, for they may give you a feast for you, and so you will get a reward.”’

Source: KARE 11

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