92-Year-Old Tries Out For The Rockettes After Missing Audition 80 Years Prior

92-Year-Old Tries Out For The Rockettes After Missing Audition 80 Years Prior

Mary Silvestri, a 92-year-old woman, tries out for the Rockettes after missing the audition 80 years ago. The Rockettes made Mary’s dream come true after they gave her the opportunity to try out for the team. Once they learned her story, they knew they had to make it happen. Mary has a passion for dance and kept it alive all these years. It was one of her God-given talents.

Mary shares she had a dream of trying out for the Rockettes over 80 years ago, but she couldn’t get transportation to New York. The vision of being a Rockette was then gently tucked into the folds of her heart until the opportunity unfolded to watch the tryouts years later. She had no idea the world-famous dance company would let her try out. She merely came to watch but along with 800 other women, Mary rose to the challenge and made her way through tryouts. 

She addressed the judges and other auditioners, “80 years ago, I supposed to be here doing what you’re doing,” she said. I couldn't get to New York alone, and no one could take me," she explained. "So here I am today to see you ladies and hope you all make it."

You will love watching this uplifting video watching a woman’s 80-year-old dream come true. Surprisingly God’s word doesn’t tell us to pursue dreams but to pursue him instead. 

The beautiful thing about pursuing God is he gives us more than we could ever dream of. When he does fulfill our dreams, it is never what we expected and it usually exceeds our expectations. We serve a mighty God who is the best gift giver because he intimately knows each and everyone one of us. 

Now, Mary’s story is being heard by millions and reminding us all it’s never too late nor are we too old to do something we love. 

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”  Proverbs 18:16

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