The Mark of the Beast and Islam

The Mark of the Beast and Islam

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This video describes one of the most important Revelations of our time:

The understanding that the Islamic “bismillah” fulfills the Bible’s “mark of the beast” is becoming more well-known in Christian eschatological circles, but most of the world is still completely unaware. There are many books and videos that explain the concept, but most are too long or too confusing to capture the interest of the casual observer. Please forward this clear, brief (8 minute), explanation of “the mark of the beast” and its link to Islam to those who may not have yet heard the message.

In the year 2015, as we approach the year of jubilee and are witnessing the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) with its prominent black flags, Islam’s connection to the “mark of the beast” is something everyone on the planet needs to be aware of.

To my subscribers: this video is a re-release of my original video, The Mark of the Beast, with some issues (skipping slides) corrected, as well as a couple of other minor enhancements.