My Testimony (extended) part 2

Before I got saved, I always knew about God and some of his words from the bible. I would watch Christian programs such as the cartoon Superbook as a child as well as the old Gospel Bill Show.

Growing up religious, our family would go to church on Sunday, but live our lives how we wanted, not based on biblical foundations.

Finally, when I was 17 years old, I started going to a Christian group that would have prayer and fellowship during lunch breaks at my high school. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior at that point. For the next four months, I would live the life as a new Christian believer. But as time went on, and I went off to college, the pull of the world got to me and I started the whole party scene/chasing after a career, instead of pursuing the God of the bible.

So for several years, I lived my life on my own terms, getting into typical troubles a young twenty something year old man does. I wasn't a person who did drugs, I didn't really drink much, but I did find myself

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