Abortion, Take Your Leave By Josh Coffy

I wrote, recorded, and filmed this song to enter the BeMyVote (http://facebook.com/bemyvote) competition to display my beliefs on abortion! Please like and share this video if you believe we ALL have a purpose in life and deserve the right to it! Lyrics below as well. :-)

"Abortion, Take Your Leave" Lyrics:

Verse 1: He sees his daughter go
As she slips through her mothers hands
She loses her life
Before she could fight, or even have a chance.
But its justified

Pre-Chorus: It wasn't in the Father's will
No, It wasn't in His plan

Chorus: So Why do should decide
Who lives or dies in the end
This is a matter of life and death
This is a matter of murderous sin
Lets stop abortion, Lets stop this now
Lets get ourselves out of this mess that we are into
Oh, Father please bring us back to You

Verse 2: Her Baby boy didn't live to see that day that
He breathed his first and not his last
If he had one chance, one chance at that
We say we're not the on

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