Donation for San Judas Tadeo in Las Delicias, Peru 2006 - 20

This video shows how money donated by 7th and 8th grade students from St John’s Lutheran school of Orange was used. The students were able to raise almost $2000. The money was to go to a small, poor school in the Northern Peruvian coastal city of Las Delicias. The money was used to surface and paint the school’s fulbito (soccer) court. As well goals were made and installed, and both soccer and volleyball equipment were purchased. As well each of the 80 students received a gym suit (as well as the 3 teachers) with the school’s logo and name embroidered on them. Each teacher, as well, received a bookshelf for her classroom.

For the 2008 donation drive, students are collecting money to put in new bathrooms in the school. The present bathrooms can be seen at the end of the video—essentially outhouses. Anyone interested in donating money to our project should contact Doug Stone at my St. John’s Lutheran School email address included in my profile.

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