8 of 12 - God is Love - He Gives Us Patience - Billy Crone

One of the most misunderstood attributes of God is that God Is Love. Notice I didn't say He is loving or even just loveable. He's love itself. And people, stop and think of what that means. Every single thing God has ever done or ever will do is a perfect act of love. Why? Because God Is Love. But herein lies our problem. We live in a society that has a warped view of what true love is. When you mention the word "love" today, most people think it refers to doing something sexual. But people, God demonstrated what true love is by something sacrificial. He sent His Son to die for our sins. Now that is love! But even here, we've become so numb to this amazing act of God's love, that we have lost any appreciation for it. Therefore, God Is Love takes a look at the 6 ways God demonstrates that He is love itself. He does it by giving us Compassion, Kindness, Graciousness, Faithfulness, Patience, and Goodness. And what's so incredible about all this is that the whole time it's not only free for the asking but we don't deserve it! People of God, if we can't seem to appreciate the fact that God Is Love, then something is terribly wrong with us! If we had any idea of the depths of God's love we would not only fall on our knees in reverence and kiss the very feet of Christ but we'd get up on our feet and run to tell everyone of their immediate need of Christ! Why? Because that's what happens when you truly understand that God Is Love.

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