3 Children Lost Both Parents Within Months, But Community ‘Swarmed In’

3 Children Lost Both Parents Within Months, But Community ‘Swarmed In’

Amid tragic, devastating circumstances, one Midwestern family experienced an outpouring of love and support from people they didn’t know.

Three young children in the St. Louis area lost their father after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Unfortunately, for Jane, Max and Henry, they suffered another catastrophic blow. Their mother – Megan – also passed away just 4 months after the death of their father.

“She just died suddenly. She was sitting on the couch with her brother-in-law and all the kids were playing upstairs and she just took her last breath and died,” Megan’s twin sister, Krista Lieber, said.

Megan passed away due to an undiagnosed heart condition. 

Left without a mother and a father, Jane, Max and Henry were taken in by their aunt Krista and her husband, Dave, who already had three children. 

But the displays of love and support shown to Jane, Max and Henry did not stop there. Krista and Dave were “swarmed” by a community of random strangers, asking how they could lend a hand.

“Some people would do something as small as help with the cat. Other people donated lots of money. There was nothing too small and nothing too big and it all added together to, like, this unified front of stability for the kids,” Dave told CBSNews.

Due to those unyielding displays of love, kindness and affection, the children were able to find and experience happiness once again. 

Clips and photos in the video show the children enjoying Thanksgiving together, playing and laughing, just acting as all children do.

“I love them. I love them so much. They are really resilient. They truly are, they’re Ok,” Krista said.

In addition to the bushels of kindness from total strangers, the good that came from this truly devastating situation does not end there. Krista and Dave were moved to see a doctor and decided to get some lingering medical issues checked out.

Krista, who had her own heart checked, learned she also has a condition.

“I have Long QT syndrome., which is, your heart has an electrical conductivity issue. It can cause sudden death, fainting, seizures. I told Dave, ‘I, my sister saved my life, you know?’ I say her death was not in vain. There’s a bigger picture here,” Krista said. 

1 Peter 5:10  “And the God of all grace, who called you unto his eternal glory in Christ, after that ye have suffered a little while, shall himself perfect, establish, strengthen you.”

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