Burger King Employee Never Missed Work For 27 Years, Now He's Going Viral

Burger King Employee Never Missed Work For 27 Years, Now He's Going Viral

One Burger King employee never missed a day of work for 27 years, and now a video of the hardworking man is going viral online.

After reaching 27 years of work without missing a shift, Kevin Ford’s company surprised him with a gift bag to celebrate. And he shared a video online of how grateful he was for the recognition.

“I just really want to tell everybody out there how thankful I am,” says Kevin. The video shows Kevin receiving items such as a tumbler, candy, pens, and a movie ticket in his gift bag.

But people online shared that they felt that his reward from his company for never taking a day off work after 27 years was lacking.

“After 27 years of working, that’s all he got?” one person wrote on Instagram.

“If I was that manager, I would have been totally embarrassed to give such a bag of ‘leftovers’ to Kevin as a ‘reward’ for his 27 years of complete devotion to the company,” wrote another person on YouTube. “The public has come through and properly rewarded this wonderful man.”

After Kevin’s video went viral online, one of his daughters created a GoFundMe account for him. She described on the page how her single dad worked so hard to support her and her siblings. She writes, “In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money, but if anyone feels like blessing him, he would love to visit his grandchildren.”

What started as a goal of $200 in order for Kevin to get a plane ticket to see his grandchildren, has now reached more than $170,000 raised! Even a $5,000 donation from actor David Spade was made.

Then the Today Show had Kevin on to interview him about what it feels like to be on the receiving end of all this.

“It’s like a dream, you know, a dream come true,” he shares. “It’s just overwhelming, especially all the support I’m receiving every day. It’s just awesome.”

And here was Kevin’s response when he was asked about how he didn’t miss a day of work in almost 3 decades. “I don’t know, maybe I’m a robot,” he said jokingly. “I don’t know how I did it…you know, you just work. You gotta feed these kids and put them through school, so I just never even thought of missing a day.”

And this hardworking and grateful man shared his outlook on life and how he feels blessed by everything that comes to him, big and small.

“I’ve been through a lot. Everybody’s been through a lot,” he says. “So, I look to the small things in life, and I’m grateful for everything. I’m grateful for every day I wake up, that I can go to work, that I can be a good citizen, and be a good American and just, you know, do my part. So, I’m just grateful for everything, everything I get.”

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