Teen Finds 'Ancient History Storyteller' And Now Mom Has Never Felt Older

Teen Finds 'Ancient History Storyteller' And Now Mom Has Never Felt Older

Remember the days when we used to call into our favorite radio station to request songs? We would wait for hours as we debated about cleaning our rooms and doing homework. But the radio would be playing in the background but once the song came on, it was game on. We’d race over to our radio and push records. Eventually, we’d have all our favorite hits. Those were the days weren’t they? Well a teen found what she calls an ‘ancient history storyteller’ and her mom has never felt older. 

A mom in North Carolina was recently deep cleaning the basement with her teenager. As they were cleaning, her daughter found a cassette type. Her daughter was perplexed and puzzled by her discovery and wanted to know what this foreign piece of technology was. When the mother realized her daughter didn’t know what it was, she had to record the epic moment that she was getting, shall we say ‘more seasoned?’ Perhaps the term is ‘older’ but it feels like it was yesterday that we were cruising through the 90s and carrying our cassette players everywhere. We made tapes for ourselves, our besties, and for the latest crush in our lives. Those were the days weren’t they? It was the perfect balance between technology and having a childhood. 

And now that the 80s and 90s are decades behind us, some of us are having a reality check thanks to our kids. After the initial shock wore off that this mom felt like she was getting older, she took a video of the conversation and posted it online; saving us all from at least three payments of therapy. She recorded the video for the sake of our sanity and captioned it with this: 

“While cleaning out boxes in my basement, I found some boxes from my childhood. Born in the 80s and raised in the 90s… of course there were some cassette tapes. I was stunned when I realized my daughter didn’t know what these were, because I didn’t know I was this old already!”

May we all remember God’s blessing in getting older! The Bible reminds us that with age, comes abundant living and wisdom. And the good Lord knows we need it as we parent this new generation for his Kingdom, even if our favorite cassette type is considered an: “ancient history storyteller.” May the Lord gives us patience as we deal with feeling old!

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