Baby Camel Adorably Finds Its Legs

Baby Camel Adorably Finds Its Legs

Babies. What’s not to love about them. They are tiny sized cats, dogs, humans and we can’t help but awe over their perfectly formed little bodies. It’s even more adorable when they start learning how to do the simple things in life like learning how to walk. If you love all creatures pint sized then you won’t want to miss this baby camel as it adorably finds its legs. 

A baby camel in Christina Tenneesee is just a wee bit wobbly on her legs. After all, she doesn’t have two legs to figure out, she has four! She’s basically a cute walking version of Jack Sparrow walking across a pirate ship as the floor seems to be swaying with the swells but she’s not. Instead, she’s walking around her human parent’s home and checking out the world, one wobbly step at a time. 

At one point as she swayed and wobbled, she wanted to check out the patio doors and accidentally kicked the mop in the process. Her new parents thought it was so cute how she tried to manage walking on wood floors that they had to capture the adorably sweet moment and post it online to share with the world. Her parents added this caption to the video, “This video shows my baby camel that I just bought that was bouncing around inside the house and kicked the mop as she walked by.”

And we are so glad they did. The video of this pint sized camel is melting the internet with her cuteness with over 30,000 views and people have a lot to say about it too! One viewer left this comment, “We ain’t worried bout no swifter right now bruh-where’s my milk?” Another amused viewer added, “I must have missed that episode of the Brady Bunch. "Mom Said No Camels in the House.” 

She might not know how to walk just yet, but we don’t mind. She’s just so sweet and curious.

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