'Son of David' Ryan Ellis Featuring Brandon Lake

'Son of David' Ryan Ellis Featuring Brandon Lake

Check out this lyrics video for the song ‘Son of David’ by Ryan Ellis and featuring Brandon Lake.

“O Son of David, have mercy on me, my soul is broken, and my eyes can't see
Can You hear me callin', callin' out Your name? O Son of David, have mercy on me
Have mercy on me, O Son of David, have mercy on me
The winds are comin', and I can hardly breathe
My heart is heavy, I can't get no sleep, O Son of David, have mercy on me”

The song ‘Song of David’ is from Ryan Ellis' new self-titled album, and it is a great hit! From the vocals to the beat to the message, this is one song that you’ll want to hear again and again.

“Instant fan! I pray that God keeps using you to reach people with this music! Keep going!” writes one person online after hearing the song.

“Ryan started the first two words with power, the beat is awesome, and Brandon added his powerful voice. I pray this song gets a lot of air play,” comments another person on YouTube.

While Ryan Ellis may be a newly signed artist, he has had a great career so far of using his songwriting talents. Ryan has penned songs for Matt Redman, Natalie Grant, Meredith Andrews, Steven Malcolm, House Fires, and more. He also wrote Chris Tomlin’s ‘Resurrection Power,’ earning him a GMA Dove Award nomination and ASCAP’s “Most Performed Song” award in 2018.

But the most important thing in Ryan’s life is his family. “I’m a devoted husband and father first,” he says. “I have a deep love for Jesus and the way that songs draw people in to experience Him, to be inspired and encouraged, and ultimately to let them know that they are loved. Music is the language that everyone can understand, and it’s all I know how to do.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to his song ‘Son of David’ today!

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