Children's Choir Sings Inspiring Rendition Of 'Waiting On A Miracle' From Encanto

Children's Choir Sings Inspiring Rendition Of 'Waiting On A Miracle' From Encanto

Finally! It’s what all Encanto fans have been waiting for! The Children’s Choir sings an inspiring rendition of ‘Waiting On A Miracle’ from Encanto written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the main soloist Stephanie Beatriz. 

If you haven't seen the movie, it’s a must! The movie is set in Columbia and centers around a girl Mirabel Madrigal who is the only one in her family that doesn’t have a special gift. Mirabel sings the song in the movie as she waits on her special gifts to arrive and to help her family, which seems to be crumbling. 

Not only was it an amazing song in the movie, but it is also absolutely heaven-sent when it’s performed by the Rise Up Children’s Choir! They are a group of children ages five to eighteen that love to inspire, uplift, and entertain. 

This video is absolutely inspiring and beautiful as the group members take turns lending their voices to this hope-filled song. The lyrics are absolutely powerful as the kids sing: 

I am waiting on a miracle, a miracle
I would heal what's broken
Show this family something new

The backdrop for the video is perfect as the scenes are set in the mountains and forestry areas. It lends to the magic and meaning of the song. The Children’s Choir has been knocking hits out of the park for quite some time, but this one absolutely takes the cake. What could be more inspiring than dozens of kids singing about waiting on a miracle? 

The song was released three days ago, and it’s already had over 6,000 views, and I have a feeling the number will grow into the millions. I hope this delightful, hope-filled song brightened your day!

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