'Better Days Coming' MercyMe Official Music Video

'Better Days Coming' MercyMe Official Music Video

Check out the official music video for MercyMe’s new song ‘Better Days Coming.’

“When you’re standing on the edge, barely hanging by a thread, you hear your heart
Convince your head that you just can’t no more, you just can’t no more
When there’s nothing left to give and you wanna call it quits, no longer strong enough
To pick yourself up off the floor, up off the floor, hold on my friend, cause there’ll be
Better days coming, don’t give up, the hands that are holding tomorrow
Are still holding onto us, better days coming, watch and see, we’ll dance through
The pain and the sorrow, knowing there’s gonna be better days”

What an incredible song! ‘Better Days Coming’ is part of MercyMe’s 11th studio album titled ALWAYS ONLY JESUS, which will be available everywhere October 21, 2022. Lead vocalist Bart Millard shared some of his thoughts about the band’s upcoming album.

“This one in some ways is like a warm blanket to us—not just how we’re playing—but the subject matter,” Bart said. “For me personally, if I ever needed this to be front and center, not just in MercyMe, but in my life, it’s now. I can’t wait to hear people sing these songs and worship. Every song points back to Jesus.”

And guitarist Mike Scheuchzer also shared his thoughts about the songs that are on the new album.

“I feel like that’s what we need right now is an anthem that we can all agree on,” Mike said. “We may not agree on anything else, but we all agree that it’s ‘Always Only Jesus.’ That’s why the album feels like anthem after anthem after anthem because they are all definitive statements about Jesus.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this amazing song today and it was able to uplift you in some way.

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