'Love Me Still' Lauren Daigle Official Lyric Video

'Love Me Still' Lauren Daigle Official Lyric Video

Listen to this beautiful new song from Lauren Daigle titled ‘Love Me Still.’

“When I'm at my worst, when I'm at my best, You couldn't love me more
You couldn't love me less, You met me in places that I never could have imagined
You washed all my failures away as though they never happened, You love me still
You always will, nothing can change it, nothing can change it, You love me still”

This wonderful song is part of Lauren Daigle’s new full-length self-titled album. The project’s first ten songs came out in May, and another thirteen songs were released in September. All twenty-three tracks showcase the singer’s stunning and powerful voice and her incredible musicality. This new album has come out five years after Lauren Daigle’s last album, and it is great to hear music from this artist again!

“One of the great things about getting to make records five years apart is that you get to explore new musical spaces. You get to explore what makes you come alive for this season of life. And this isn’t what was making me come alive five years ago, but it’s making me come alive now,” Lauren Daigle reflects. “I get to express that onto a record, and I think that’s really special — to allow music to keep recreating you.”

The song ‘Love Me Still’ was written by Lauren Daigle, Jason Ingram, and Steven Furtick. The song got its start from when Jason Ingram was walking down the streets of New Orleans, Lauren Daigle’s hometown, and saw red graffiti on a wall with the words “Love Me Still.” The phrase sparked the intimate track that showcases Lauren Daigle’s unmistakeable vocals against the backdrop of a singular harp.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Love Me Still’ by Lauren Daigle today and the song was able to encourage you in some way.

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