95-Year-Old Fulfills Bucket List By Dancing With Singer Marc Anthony

95-Year-Old Fulfills Bucket List By Dancing With Singer Marc Anthony

One devoted granddaughter is moved to tears as she witnesses her 95-year-old grandmother fulfill her bucket list by dancing with Singer Marc Anthony!

Watch this sweet video as the salsa star makes dreams come true during his Opus Tour concert in Orlando, Florida. You may take another look at your life goals!

Marc Anthony spots a large red poster to the right of the stage. The sign lists a few items already accomplished by Felicia (“Fela”) Rodríguez González and one thing that she’d yet like to experience while here on earth.

Marc Anthony reads the poster to the cheering crowd. Fela has reached the impressive age of 95. She survived Hurricane Maria, which hit her home in Puerto Rico in 2017, and she beat COVID! But, she has not danced with Marc Anthony, and that’s the goal for the evening.

Fela’s granddaughter Linda Cristina Santiago created the call to action and accompanied Fela for the evening. She is clearly as excited as Fela when Marc Anthony reaches out to them and then invites Fela to join him. Next, we see Fela onstage. While she might have needed a bit of help getting there, she is in great shape. Her 5 children and 50+ grands and greats have probably kept her moving! Not only is she fit, she has got rhythm.

Marc Anthony offers her his arm, she grabs onto him, and they saunter toward the audience. Once in position, they salsa for a few moments, and the handsome star gives her a twirl. He embraces Fela, giving her an amazing hug and a kiss on the cheek! It really is a beautiful moment!

Marc Anthony’s fan base already appreciates his voice and dance moves, but it’s likely that the talented and good-looking artist won many new fans that evening with his genuine act of kindness. And, Fela may need to start a new list, because this joyful woman looks like she’s got lots of days ahead. Robert Duvall does a mean tango!

“The Lord detests those whose hearts are perverse, but he delights in those whose ways are blameless.” Proverbs 11-20

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