Dancing Brothers Spread Joy With Roller Skating Routines

Dancing Brothers Spread Joy With Roller Skating Routines

It is always nice to see brothers having fun together. In this video, the dancing brothers spread joy with roller-skating routines.


One of the best activities to get your mind off things and have fun is roller skating. At the start of this video, Marcus and Michael Griffin are on the roller rink clapping and grooving under the disco ball. 


One brother shares how stepping onto the rink makes him feel like he is in another place. He expresses how his mind is cleared from hard times and focused on the joy of the moment. As various clips appear of the brothers skating,  you witness them do some pretty amazing tricks, including one jumping over the other while they are skating.


The other brother starts sharing about all of the messages he gets from people. The brothers are inspiring others to get back to skating. The men credit their mother for bringing the gift of skating into their lives. 


When she was a girl, her mom took her to the rink and so when she became a mom, she took her boys. This is a generational family activity. These brothers want to bring joy and happiness to whoever views their skate videos. 


I love that these brothers did not give up on their passion. Sometimes it is easy when life gets busy to ‘outgrow’ some of the things we enjoyed when we were young. However, these two are proving to the world through their videos that we’re never too old for fun. 


Skating is a great activity for many ages and it is something wonderful to do with family and friends. Watching these brothers dance on the rink reminds us of the joy in using our bodies and our hobbies to glorify God and worship Him.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.’” Matthew 5:16

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