11-Year-Old Showcases Rare Talent With Uilleann Pipes

11-Year-Old Showcases Rare Talent With Uilleann Pipes

This young boy had an incredible instrument. In this clip, an 11–year-old showcases a rare talent with the Uilleann pipes.

At the start of this clip, the hostess shares on Little Big Shots about an Irish boy who plays the unique instrument, the Uilleann Pipes. Cian enters the stage and is interviewed by the hostess. 

She asks him about playing, and he gives a short preview of his incredible instrument. The crowd claps as this young boy plays artistically and professionally. When he finishes, the audience cheers loudly. She tells him that the instrument sounds like many things at once. 

The hostess asks what drew him to the pipes. He says that he loves the sound. He then shares about being in a band with his cousin and friend. He says that they won a competition for 500 Euro and recording time. The hostess is amazed. Cian is from County Waterford in southern Ireland. 

Then he is in a hilarious interview where he shares his experiences in England for the first time. Cian plays while sitting on a hay bale in front of flags and a country backdrop. As he does a stunning job, Irish step dancers come out on the stage. 

Suddenly, Cian gets up and dances in the middle, and the crowd cheers. The performance is spectacular.  

I love how this boy is in a different country than his own, but he is proud of where he comes from. Cian shows great joy in being from Ireland. It reminds us of the confidence that we can have as ambassadors for God. 

We can be proud that we are children of the Lord and our eternal home is in Heaven. 

"For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 3:20

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