Talented Dog Is A Baseball Star In The Making

Talented Dog Is A Baseball Star In The Making

You might think your dog is a superstar after playing a game of fetch, but wait until you see this dog! This talented dog is a baseball star in the making. Not only can she play fetch, but she can also hold a bat, and take a swing! Not only can she take a swing, but she can also hit the ball too! 

If you need a smile or something to cheer you up, then look no further than a dog who loves playing baseball! This smart pup goes by the name Pepper which is said to be a reference to Boston baseball player, David Ortiz who goes by ‘Big Papi.’ Pepper has been training for the major baseball leagues for quite a while. 

Her owner Melissa taught her the basics of the beloved American pastime and now she’s ready for the playoffs. Melissa shared the video to Instagram with the caption, “Hey MLB, she’s a free agent!” 

If Pepper doesn’t make it to the major leagues, I’m pretty sure she could start her own camp for dogs. In fact, I’m pretty sure there would be enough interest to create an entirely new league of baseball just for pooches like Pepper.

The video of Pepper hitting a homerun is going viral with over 20,000 views and already spectators of the beloved sport have much to say about it. One viewer posted, “Sign that pup up!” Another posted, “Need more videos of this little guy.” But the consensus is that Pepper definitely needs to be recognized for her talent and love of the game. 

Maybe this video inspired you to spend a little more time with your dog so you can teach her or him more than just a game of fetch. Or maybe Pepper’s antics and talent brightened your day, we hope it does!

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