'Working On Sunday' Gospel Song From Gary LeVox Of Rascal Flatts

'Working On Sunday' Gospel Song From Gary LeVox Of Rascal Flatts

Check out this new music video of the song ‘Working on Sunday’ by Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts.

“Lord it's been a while since I've prayed and I'm hoping that I'm not too late
See we fought and she left, I called and I text, but she won't answer me
So I'm down on my knees, I know how you feel about working on Sunday
But I need a miracle in a bad way and I don't think I can wait
I don't think I can make it till Monday, I know how you feel about working on Sunday”

What an amazing voice and wonderful music video! And a great start to the beginning of Gary LeVox’s journey as a Christian music artist.

Back in 2000, Gary founded the country group Rascal Flatts, and they went on enjoy one of the most successful careers in modern Country music. “Infusing the genre’s traditional sound with massive pop hooks, rock showmanship and faithful positivity, they scored 17 No. 1 singles and sold over 23 million albums, while also selling more than 11 million concert tickets and earning 40+ awards-show trophies – making them the most awarded Country group of the last decade.”

And after 20 years of being the front man of Rascal Flatts, Gary is excited to embark on his solo career and combine two of his biggest passions – music and faith.

For his new single, ‘Working on Sunday,’ Gary describes the song as "spiritually-based with a tongue-in-cheek sentiment, regarding someone in a relationship who's seeking heavenly guidance following an argument.”

Gary shares more about the song and how he feels like now was the perfect time to release it. “I have loved it since day one and the timing felt right to drop it now,” he said. “We wrote it about a relationship, but it’s been amazing to see how the chorus means so much more to everyone who hears it. They have applied it to their own situations such as COVID, the military, first responders and just everyday life that we all go through. I’m so grateful this song can tell someone’s story through a melodic prayer. It’s the power and medicine of music!”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Working on Sunday’ by Gary LeVox today!

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