Proud Dog Helps Bring The Groceries Inside

Proud Dog Helps Bring The Groceries Inside

Watch this proud dog as he happily helps bring the family’s groceries inside. What a good, helpful boy!

You’ve probably seen a bunch of clever dogs doing some pretty unique tricks across the internet like grabbing a drink for their owners or opening a door. You might’ve even seen a dog help bring shopping bags in from the car like this pup. But apparently, this pup wasn’t trained to do this!

Although Guster the lab is clearly an intelligent pup, his family hadn’t specifically trained him to help with the groceries. His mom said, “My daughter was helping me carry in groceries from the car at our home. Guster tried grabbing a sack out of her hands, so she placed a sack in his mouth and told him to take it to Mommy.”

And Guster knew exactly what to do. It seemed like a fun little game for him! He obviously knew he was pleasing his humans and being the best boy. Just look at his waddle with his front legs walking farther apart than usual to make room for the bags.

I think it’s also super important to notice that happy wagging tail! He’s so adorable — I almost can’t bear to watch his little puppy prances!

Guster’s mom said he was more than happy to do it again and again. What a perfect way to make such a mundane task more enjoyable for everyone!

What’s funnier is Guster’s furry sibling just overseeing his work. It’s more like Guster is being supervised rather than the other dog just not understanding what’s going on. Either way, he couldn’t care less! Just a happy boy lending a helping hand!

I hope the family gave him the biggest treat and plenty of scratches — he deserves all of that and more for all of his hard work!

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