'See Me Through It' Brandon Heath Audio Video

'See Me Through It' Brandon Heath Audio Video

Listen to this new upbeat song called ‘See Me Through It’ from Brandon Heath and be encouraged by the truth that it shares!

“Things are getting real, Jesus take the wheel, only way I’m getting to the other side
Days are getting dark, life’s a little hard, blinded, but I’m tryin not to lose sight
I don’t got this, I know you got this, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I’ll believe it"

What a joyful and uplifting song ‘See Me Through It’ is, and it is definitely a song that you could listen to over and over again! It is a great reminder of God’s faithfulness and how He sees us through every trial and hardships.

"Before I see it, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re gonna see me through it
If anybody can you can do it, God I know in the trial and the pain
Fire and the rain, You’re gonna see me through it” 

Brandon Heath wrote ‘See Me Through It’ along with fellow songwriters Kyle Williams, Ran Jackson, and Heather Morgan. Brandon recently shared some of his thoughts about the song and the meaning behind it.

“We all walk through difficult seasons in our lives. That’s definitely nothing new, but one thing that is particularly unique about right now is that we all seem to have a very similar challenge. And for some of us, it feels like rock bottom. But, we can know what Rock we’re standing on, and He’s not going anywhere,” Brandon says. “No matter how lost we feel or how difficult things get, He sees us where we are, and He’s going to see us through it.”

Nothing is impossible with God, and it is songs like this that can help us remember that important truth. We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘See Me Through It’ today and it was able to bring joy to your heart!

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