Brandon Heath


'That's Enough' Brandon Heath Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

Check out this powerful music video from Brandon Heath for his song ‘That’s Enough.’

“Mind if I tell you a secret, a few simple truths about me, might be hard to believe
Guess I’m just trying to come clean, sometimes I don’t know where I’m going
It’s hard to admit where I’ve been, when I come to the end of myself
This is where I begin, again, I am here, I am loved, God is good, and that’s enough”

In the music video, there are scenes of Brandon Heath singing in a room full of books with a fire burning low in the background. Then we see a woman at a baby shower, a woman working at a coffee shop, and a man sitting at the dinner table with his family. They all start to cry as Brandon sings the chorus of the song, and others around them do not notice. We see their emotions are showing us what is really going on with how they are feeling on the inside.

“Be kind, for some you meet are fighting an unseen battle,” reads the slide at the end of the music video.

Many people were touched by the song and shared their thoughts about it online.

“As always Brandon Heath sings the words of our hearts. Love the song,” writes one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“Certainly glad to hear Brandon Heath's voice again. Using his inspiration, in song, to inspire others is much needed in these changing times,” comments another person online.

Brandon Heath co-wrote ‘That’s Enough’ with Mallary Hope and Molly Reed Grayson, and the powerful song breaks down an often-overcomplicated Gospel into its simplest, purest form.

‘That’s Enough’ is part of Brandon’s recently released album titled Enough Already. We hope that you enjoyed listening to the song today and it was able to bring you some encouragement.