Bride Signs Her Vows For Groom's Deaf Parents

Bride Signs Her Vows For Groom's Deaf Parents

You don’t just marry the one your soul loves. You marry into a new family too. One bride realized the depth of these words and did something incredible on her wedding day!

You don’t want to miss the depth of her affection, affirmation, respect, and love she reveals when this loving bride signs vows for her groom’s deaf parents. 

Kelsey met the love of her life, Michael Kulick in 2018. Over the years as their friendship and love blossomed, she learned Michael was raised by deaf parents. He had learned to communicate with his parents via American Sign Language as a baby.

When Michael asked Kesley for her hand in marriage, she was overjoyed. As they began planning for their wedding, Kelsey was moved to show how much she appreciated Michael’s parents. She mentioned to him she wanted to learn how to communicate their vows via sign language, yet at the same time she wanted Michael to forget so it would be a surprise. “I wanted to do it out of respect for them and to show them all that I love them,” she said.

Sure enough, as the months rolled on towards their wedding day, Michael had forgotten the conversation. Kesley had learned how to sign her vows without his help. Instead, she reached out to Michaell’s aunt who helped her learn how to sign.

His aunt helped Kesley learn how to recite her vows which she practiced as much as possible because she wanted it to be perfect. Throughout the moments when she practiced how to communicate her vows, she also realized that she wanted to be able to communicate to Michael’s parents and for their future children to learn how to as well. How incredible, loving, and respectful! She realized then how vital it was to learn how to speak in a way that made her future family feel loved and welcomed.   

It was a surprise to her groom as well as her new family and the look on Michael’s face when Kesley began reciting her vows was a look of love, admiration, and incredible awe for his bride.

"Sure enough, he forgot, so it was a surprise!" Kesley said. The day of the wedding reveals just how thoughtful and loving Kesley is. Not only did Michael’s parents feel her love, they realized she was building a foundation of love and communication for years to come. You don’t want to miss just how sweet and precious her act of love was. 

What a beautiful way to honor and love her husband and new family! 

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 10:12

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