It's Your Turn!

It's Your Turn!

Breakthrough to the life you’ve been purposed to live.
Breakthrough to the joy, peace and fulfillment that have been gifted to you.

Join a community of women who have made a decision to Crush their fears, Create new possibilities and Cultivate their happy.

Live More Carry Less is an immersive faith-based online journey of self-care, empowerment and revitalization, all focused on identifying, recognizing and overcoming your fears.

Each week you receive:
*Weekly motivational video coaching
*Course materials for growth
*Revelation challenges that help you step out of your comfort zone to overcome any issue holding you back
*Insightful journal questions

As well as an online support community of amazing women who are on the same journey.

Live More Carry Less is the online companion course to The Dunes book, by author Erin Wiley Sands.

The Dunes explores issues of Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Grace, Surrender and Gratitude.

To find out more about this transformational online faith-based journey.....

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