‘As It Was’ Harry Styles Cover by Teen in AGT Audition

Determination and perseverance are needed in ample amounts during various stages and situations in life. People will get knocked down but, as the saying goes, what matters is how many times they get back up. 

One young woman was not going to let failure keep her from pursuing her musical ambitions. Sara James, a contestant on America’s Got Talent, returned to the show after falling short in the competition.

In her latest appearance on the show, Sara, at only 14 years old, stepped out on the stage to perform Harry Styles’ smash hit “As It Was.”

Amid a semi-darkened stage, Sara solemnly sang the first verse to the hit song. But as she reached the chorus, she belted out the lyrics as the crowd went wild. Bright, flashing green and pink lights started filling the arena. 

While Sara may still be a teenager, during her performance she sounded and acted like someone who has been singing to sold-out arenas for decades. 

Her performance was stunning! The crowd and the judges loved it!

In a conversation with his fellow judges following Sara’s performance, Simon Cowell said Sara is like another superstar singer.

“She reminds me of Camila Cabello,” he said

Even though she didn’t win the show last season, Sara says she’s been performing in her native Poland and has racked up more than 8 million plays on the music streaming service Spotify. 

Before her performance, the teenager let the judges know about one massive goal she has for her singing career.

“I just want to be the first AGT person who gonna win the Grammy,” she said

Hebrews 12:1 “For this reason, as we are circled by so great a cloud of witnesses, putting off every weight, and the sin into which we come so readily, let us keep on running in the way which is marked out for us,”


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