Fighting Cowboy Has Johnny Carson In Stitches During 1983 Interview

Check out the fighting cowboy that had Johnny Carson in stitches during a 1983 interview. The banter between the two may leave you feeling much more excited about the sport of boxing, Johnny Carson, Randall “Tex” Cobb, or all of the above!

Those who don’t follow boxing, referred to as prize fighting by Johnny Carson, may not be familiar with or remember Randall “Tex” Cobb. Mr. Cobb, now 72 years old, appeared on The Tonight Show on January 14, 1983. He was 32 years old at the time, and he had fought Larry Holmes at the Houston Astrodome on November 26, 1982, almost two months prior. That’s the topic of discussion during his appearance.

Nowadays, fights don’t go longer than 12 rounds. That’s primarily due to the fact that a boxer named Duk Koo Kim went into a coma and later died after being knocked out in the fourteenth round of a boxing match. That match took place just thirteen days prior to the one that Johnny and Randall talk about. Duk Koo Kim’s death led very quickly to changes in the sport, but that tragedy and the resulting controversy are only alluded to in the final moments of the interview. 

Instead, Johnny asks Randall about the 15-round fight that resulted in a loss, and the fighter responds with an abundance of humor and humility. It’s a fun interchange for those who are boxing fans and those who are not!

As Randall sits down, we immediately see the demeanor of a quiet and polite Texas gentleman; he doesn’t seem like a fighter. And, yet, he was never knocked down during the fight! Johnny had spoken with Randall a few months prior to the fight, and he recalled how confident he’d been at the time. Randall assures Johnny that he was indeed confident, making a joke about how he “knew [he] had him” right about the fifteenth round. He’s a really good sport!

At 1:40, Johnny asks Randall how he felt when he realized he was losing. Randall says that he recognized that what he was doing wasn’t having the desired results, and he reminds one of Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter in The Walking Dead. He jokes that the bout felt like a very advanced game of tag and a “perpetual state of frustration,” saying that if he’d had a little more time, another “15 or 20 rounds,” he would have been the victor. He’s obviously being sarcastic, but he is so good natured!

The whole thing is hilarious. And, refreshing! His humility and sportsmanship is rarely seen in today’s sports. Athletes strut and talk smack, and they almost never are willing to joke about their losses. Randall continues to talk about his movie career in a similar fashion, very self-deprecating, but, yes, confident. Outside of taking a couple vague hits at Don King and Dr. George Lundberg, the interview couldn’t have been more civilized and positive. We need more conversations like this one in today’s world!

“Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor.” Proverbs 29:23

Source: Johnny Carson

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