(Disciple Romance Me)

(Disciple Romance Me)

Disciple Romance Me great Christian rock song, and here are the lyrics for you guys.

Is solace a hopeless crusade / The grandeur of a raping plague / A portrait that is best forgotten / Bed of fire for the dying orphans / Is there a bridge for the endless mote? / A river for the arid throat? / A sun for the winter flower? / A knight in the weeping hour? (Romans 7:24)

The poison sails on ships with pain my veins have never known / My eyes have seen the glory of the antidote (Numbers 21:6-9, John 3:14-15)

A love lifted, the curse has left its birthplace (Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Galatians 3:13, Romans 5:12-18) / Romance me (Romans 5:8), Ransom me (1 Peter 1:18-20) / A love lifted, in paradise remember me (Luke 23:40-43) / Romance me, Ransom me

The idol that birthed betrayal (Genesis 3:1-19) / Where eulogies have littered the trail / A song that is sung with a forked tongue / Blackballed by the angels / And we're dropping like flies / An assault to the eyes / Spraying death in every direction / This infection's a torrential tide (Romans 5:12)

Amazing, sweet mercy, romance me, ransom me (Titus 3:4-5)