The Eternal Priesthood

As the year 2008 closed, Billy Wilson, executive director of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal cited a two- to three –decade decline of effective evangelism and the overall effect of Christianity upon the American culture. He is quoted as saying, "We believe that the ineffectiveness signals to us that our fruitfulness needs to increase, which means our relationship with Jesus needs to deepen, and out of increased intimacy comes increased fruitfulness," he said. "One of the ways toward increased intimacy is through the discipline of fasting."

I do not believe that fasting will produce the great awakening that Christians so deeply need and desire unless fasting leads the church to embrace Apostolic Governance. The change the church needs is in stewardship.

The true believer expresses the likeness of Christ through charity and increase is by the Spirit. Those who are begotten of the Spirit express Christ through the priesthood of Jesus Christ and it is impossible for them not to increase. When leadership continues to cite this lack of increase it is a sign that they are without a priesthood. The real challenge for the church is to return to the true priesthood.

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