I was born to Finish!

Since we are closing out 2008 and heading into 2009 I thought it would be fitting that this sermon be used as a sounding board as we begin to look to the future. Often times around Christmas Christians tend to get a little depressed and upset at the course of their lives but God used this mighty sermon to teach His children that all of us were born to finish.

Each person that lives on this planet was born with a purpose and each one of us holds this potential in our hearts to accomplish whatever feat or task He has placed before us. But on our part we must make up our minds that no matter what comes we will not bow or blink at the issues of this life and we will live in the victory that His death has bought us. So no matter what happens in your life if you stay focused and look to the hills for His help and you know that your true help comes from the Lord then you will continuously walk in His victory.

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