Stupidity is not a Necessity

By definition the word stupid means "acting in an unintelligent or careless manner" or an individual "marked by unreasoned thinking." In today's sermons Pastor Malone looks at the five unwise virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 and shows that their problem was stupidity instead of lack of understanding.

The scripture text us that the five unwise virgins had the same opportunities as the five wise ones. They all understood that they were engaged to the bridegroom, they knew he was supposed to be coming to get them for the wedding ceremony, and they knew they were supposed to be prepared to receive him. Now in their mind they thought they were ready to meet the Bridegroom but they were not "prepared" to meet him.

See, they thought they were ready because they were dressed -but they were not prepared because they did not bring any extra oil. Having wisdom means being ready and prepared. All the virgins knew that the bridegroom would come during that day or that night. So the ones who were truly prepared knew they needed enough oil to last the night. The five unwise virgins though they had enough because they had set a time frame within their own minds that the Bridegroom would be there before they ran out of oil.

This is where we as Christians make mistakes or begin to move in stupidity. God has called us to be wise and to be alert to His coming. We are not supposed to faint or fall by the wayside. He says that we need to be prepared. And in closing even though all the virgins feel asleep, the wise and the unwise, the scripture shows that the wise ones still had their houses in order so when the Bridegroom showed up they were prepared for Him.

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