The Missing Ingredient For 2000 Years

In this 3 part series Apostle JoAnne details how God has designed for the Church to discern His power, obtain His power and benefit from the power of His throne. IN PART 1 Apostle JoAnne reveals the core of HOW WOLVES SEDUCE THE CHURCH, connecting that to the definition of GRACE being redefined to merely Gods unmerited favor, and shows how this grievous long standing error causes the Church to be without the POWER OF GOD for salvation and spiritual transformation, resulting in Christians who struggle with sin and profane teachings from those who lust for power, like JUANITA BYNUM, who says quote….If you aint got stuff you aint got the Holy Spirit…unquote.. Apostle JoAnne unravels the web of deception and shows how the Church is exploited and merchandised by those who seek fame and reputation, who benchmark Gods favor by earthly possessions and project on Him for power to get wealth. This video includes an in depth teaching on THE POWER OF GRACE, with at least 14 definitions, and how this is the RESURRECTION power we are commanded by Christ to cognitively choose for our daily expression and experience of faith. If you are struggling in your walk with God, if you know something is missing, or if you are seeking a deeper intimacy, then you will prosper spiritually by this powerful video series that brings strong distinction and a strong call to the Church to cease from these powerless gospels and return to the ORIGINAL PATTERN of the New Covenant priesthood that living apostles are now delivering to the Church. For a full and FREE education to the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll in the Apostles School.

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