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The Love and Principles of God Pt1

While The Love of God has to do with Salvation, The Principles of God has to do with Prosperity.

This video addresses the need for Salvation and how to receive it.

It also addresses Tithing and the seed principle.

If you do not release what is in your hands, your hands will be closed and you are unable to receive from God.

If you do not release what is in your hand, God cannot release what is in his hand.

It is also important to know that in the Old Covenant you were cursed for not tithing, but does that apply in the New Covenant. Are you curses today for not tithing. Are you a thief as most people declare?

Think about this: If the Sower consumes all his seed on himself, he will eventually run out of seed to sow and thereby go hungry and perish.

It is important to sow seed, but in good ground. There are all types of seed to sow, e.g.; Faith seed, Time seed etc.

This video will get you thinking about the Love of God and what people say about tithing.

Have a look and listen closely.

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