Naruto- Take me as I am

Please Read Through!

This took about 5 or 6 hours over the time of a couple of days to make total, but wasn't a pain in the but like some youtube videos. It was actually kind of fun to make. Oh well, I used Anko because she's a favorite character, and I used Naruto because he's the main character, and on my top about 10 (my top ten ain't concrete)Anyways, enjoy, and I'm gonna need some help deciding on my next amv ending, so I want you guys to vote on a song. Post it wherever, and when I get 20 or so votes, I'll make the video ending, and I'll also post a message in comments when voting's over. Please vote so I can finish before Delta! Delta's a church retreat of mine in late September or October (I think October...)


The refrain of:

1)All you Wanted by Michelle Branch (pairing free

2)Stand in The Rain by Superchic(k)

3)Around the Clock by Rocket Summer

4)2nd Pre-chorus of Pressure by Paramore (from some things I'll never know)

Those are the options, and the main song is gonna be Gone by Switchfoot. Please vote, and the sooner a song is chosen, the sooner you guys get another AMV from me! P.S. The bible verse is the one I used way back during my confirmation...



Vote so I can get the vid up here! It isn' backed up on a flash drive yet!

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