Biblical Affirmations - Christian Meditation

Biblical Affirmations - Christian Meditation

This audio session will effectively guide your mind to think in Godly ways while transforming your heart. Here's how your new CD will put you on the right track:

Affirmation Sets Included

- Set 1 Forgiveness - There's always someone to forgive, even yourself.

- Set 2 Peace - Our world over stimulates the brain creating a restless soul. Time for God's peace.

- Set 3 Giving - Having a kind and generous heart will transform you!

- Set 4 Experiencing God - Meditate on His word, His light, and His presence.

- Set 5 Good Fruit & Blessings - Be direct by God to take action in the right direction.

- Set 6 Thanksgiving - Experience the release and freedom that comes from thanksgiving.

(These affirmation sets are included in both the audible and subliminal tracks)

If you want a better life, need more harmony with God, and genuinely feel that your life can change, then you need to experience a union with God through a guided meditation, and our 7 Minutes to Knowing God CD will help you do just that.