Moving from Biblical Revelation to Spiritual Application

Sermon Title: Moving from Biblical Revelation to Spiritual Application

Scripture Text: John 14: 7-12

This weeks sermon has to deal with the Christian Mindset of the Disciple Phillip. He possessed a mind that could not perceive in the miraculous power of Christ and he always looked for physical manifestation of God power to verify his belief instead of believing in what can be seen and what cannot be seen.

So many believers want to see the miraculous performed by God but they do not perceive or believe in them if they can not understand it. It seems that they always need to see one more miracle or one more blessing instead of living a life of faith and knowing through their spirit man that God is performing the miraculous daily. That is why Christ asked Phillip how they were going to feed the 5000 in John 6. The bible says that Christ ALREADY knew what He was going to do He just wanted Phillip to stop thinking physical and start thinking spiritual. God wants to give you all types of spiritual blessing but because we can not perceive it and we refuse to believe it then we never possess it.

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